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Welcome to the home bakery in Ipswich

I am a cake maker in Ipswich, but deliver cakes over the Suffolk area. I offer bespoke cakes and desserts for your celebration: wedding cakes, birthday cakes, cakes for any occasion are available to order.

Wonderland shop - about a cake maker in Ipswich


my name is Nadiia,

and I'm a baker based in Ipswich

For over five years, I've been immersed in the art of patisserie and baking, and I've finally decided to open my own home bakery.

I'd be delighted to tempt you with my selection of sponge cakes, cheesecakes, puff pastry cakes, sweet rolls, and pastries. In my online cake shop in Ipswich, you can order birthday cakes, wedding cakes, and any custom cakes for celebration and daily tea time.

There's something that sets my baking apart from other cake makers and shops in our Ipswich town - my creations are uniquely flavoured, rooted in the finest global baking traditions. I work with classic cake recipes known and loved worldwide.

Nadiia Hoian - cake maker in Ipswich

Why TO choose Wonderland?

Organic and natural

We craft with natural, local ingredients – only the best eggs, milk, flour, and sugar. No butter substitutes, stabilisers, emulsifiers, or synthetics, just 82% premium butter


We're a responsible business with certified staff and a council-registered kitchen, meeting UK standards. We use modern equipment and strict temperature control to ensure safety

Combination of flavours

With our vast selection of flavours we can customize cakes to your taste


We offer delivery service in Ipswich and nearby locations (may be additional charged)

Unique design

Our cakes offer unique designs and a vast array of decorating techniques, including cream, sugar paste, chocolate ganache, and "velour" finishes edible printing

Our bestsellers

Red Velvet Cake

Red Velvet Cake

Cocoa-flavored cake layers colored with red food coloring and frosted with a buttercream or cream-cheese

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Black forest cake

Black forest

Chocolate sponge cake sandwiched with whipped cream and cherries

starts from


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Kyiv cake

Kyiv cake

layers of tender , crisp and airy Hazelnut Meringue and chocolate buttercream

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Honey cake

Honey cake

Multiple layers of honey-flavoured sponge cake, filled and frosted with sweetened soured cream

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Yoghourt cake

Yoghourt cake

Made with yoghourt, which adds a creamy texture and soft sponge

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Napoleon cake


multiple layers of puff pastry, alternating with a rich custard cream

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Please note that the price is quoted for the minimum cake diameter. For the other sizes, a recalculation is necessary


Afternoon tea cakes

Afternoon tea cakes

Birthday cakes

Birthday cakes

Wedding cakes

Wedding cakes

Cupcake sets

Cupcake sets



Сakes for kids

Сakes for kids

Explore our full range of cakes. See our current catalogue


How do we work?

  • Choose a base
  • — chiffon Victoria sponge
  • — chocolate chiffon sponge
  • — puff pastry
  • — honey sponge
  • Choose a filling
  • — Butter cream
  • — Cream cheese
  • — Caramel cream
  • Layers and additional components
  • — Fruit and berry confit
  • — Fruit and berry curd
  • — Sweet and salty caramel
  • — Canned and fresh fruits
  • — Stracciatella layer and oreo layer

Choose a size

If you're unsure about the wedding, birthday or any other size of cake you need, I recommend consulting the table.


Choose a design

Your cake will meet all your requirements. My customers like birthday cakes with different inscriptions on the cake and I can propose food printing on sugar paper with any picture, text or photo you wish.  


Make a payment

After all details are agreed upon, I will provide you with the payment information. Please note! An order is considered accepted for processing only after payment has been made

Common questions

  • What is the price range for custom birthday cakes?

    The cost of a custom birthday cake depends on several factors, such as its size, the price of its ingredients, and the complexity of its preparation. Design is typically priced separately, based on the cost of materials and the time required to create it.

  • What flavours and fillings are available?

    In my cake shop you can order different birthday, wedding and occasional cakes. Customers often find it challenging to decide on the flavour for their celebration when they request a cake in my shop. I recommend exploring the range of fillings, layers, and bases I work with. However, if you don't see the options you want in the list, please still ask me, and I'll be able to make the exact cake you need.


    • chiffon sponge Victoria
    • chocolate chiffon sponge
    • puff pastry
    • honey sponge
    • red velvet


    • Butter cream
    • Cream cheese
    • Caramel cream
    • Mascarpone cream

    Layers and additional components

    • fruit and berry confit
    • fruit and berry curd
    • sweet and salty caramel
    • canned and fresh fruit
    • stracciatella layer and oreo layer
    • jelly

  • Can my birthday cake be customised according to my design preferences?

    Yes, I am offering personalised custom cakes in Ipswich and Suffolk. The first step is always to decide on the cake base, then we select fillings and flavours, and discuss the cake's design. After these steps, I calculate the cost of the cake and issue an invoice for payment. Your cake will meet all your requirements. My customers like birthday cakes with different inscriptions on the cake and I can propose food printing on sugar paper with any picture, text or photo you wish.

  • I don’t know what cake size do I need

    If you're unsure about the wedding, birthday or any other size of cake you need, I recommend consulting the table below.

    Cake Serving Chart - round

    • 4 inches (10cm) - serves 8 persons
    • 6 inches ( 15 cm) - serves 12 persons
    • 7 inches (17 cm) - serves 18 persons
    • 8 inches (20 cm) - serves 24 persons
    • 9 inches (22 cm) - serves 32 persons
    • 10 inches (25 cm) - serves 38 persons
    • 11 inches (27 cm) - serves 48 persons
    • 12 inches (30 cm) - serves 56 persons
    • 14 inches (35 cm) - serves 78 persons

    Cake Serving Chart - square

    • 6 inches (15cm) - serves 18 persons
    • 8 inches (20cm) - serves 32 persons
    • 10 inches (25cm) - serves 50 persons
    • 12 inches (30cm) - serves 72 persons

  • Are you making Wedding cakes in Ipswich and Suffolk

    Yes, in my cake shop, you can order wedding cakes of various complexities and with different decorations. I also offer wedding cake delivery in Ipswich. Among the available wedding cake options, I offer sponges with various fillings and layers, meringue cakes, puff pastry cakes etc. Additionally, for your wedding, you can order cakes with tiered stand decorations, including fresh flowers. Please inquire directly for the available options.

  • How much time in advance do I need to place my order?

    I request that orders be placed at least 2 days before their collection to allow time for ingredient preparation, baking, and decorating. Please inquire about availability before ordering, as I may be unable to accept your order during busy periods. For celebration cakes with complex designs, I recommend ordering at least 2 weeks in advance to ensure that I am available to fulfil your request.

  • Do you cater to dietary restrictions (e.g., gluten-free, vegan)?

    I do not offer dietary cakes at the moment, but I plan to introduce this option in the future.

  • Is cake delivery in Ipswich and Suffolk available, and what are the charges? What are the terms of delivery of cakes in Ipswich and Suffolk?

    Yes, I offer delivery services for birthday, wedding cakes and desserts in Ipswich town and the surrounding areas. A standard fee of £1.50 per mile is typically charged. For complex custom cakes, tiered cakes, wedding cakes, and orders that include stand setup, delivery is automatically included in the price. By choosing my delivery service, you can rest assured that your order will be delivered on time and in perfect condition.

  • How should the cake be stored until it's served?

    All Wonderland cakes must be stored in the fridge at temperatures not exceeding 5° in their original packaging. I recommend taking the cake out of the fridge one hour before serving. With each of my cakes, I provide instructions on transportation and storage.

  • What is the cancellation and refund policy?

    An order can be cancelled no later than 2 weeks before its due date, as I schedule each order in advance. In this case, the client may request a refund.

  • Can I taste samples before placing a custom order?

    I am offering sample cake sets for order. If you find it challenging to choose and wish to try out options first, you can order a sample box before placing your order. Please note that sample boxes are prepared on specific dates, twice a month. I recommend inquiring about them in advance.

  • Do you provide cake stands or decorative elements for presentation?

    Yes, I can arrange the rental of such equipment by your request.

MAKE your request and we will contact you


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